The intention for this project was to less space in a very old and protected building in Vienna called Academy of fine Arts and an one-size lineprofil in aluminium. The project was financially supported by the Aluminium-Fenster- Institut with the AFI-Students-Award 2000.The freedom of a bohemian working process brought me to the result to creat divers frames in an aplatonic form and add them to an architectonical space with reading, talking and computing areas/niches. Atypical this biuld space has no contact with the floor. Acting as  a floating "Raum+" (Space+) in the old, existing masterclassroom with a hight of around 11 m, this newgenerationspace will fulfill its function also as a bridge between the neighbourclassrooms. The interstitial space or the face between the frames will be filled with opaque and translucent elements, creating an optimum of privacy for the users. On the other hand this elemends as well as steel cables are parts of the threedimensional forcegame of architectural space. Diffuse light generated by this translucend elements will clone a contemplative enviroment for the users. The opaque elements (light reflecting alupanels) on the outside of this body will illuminate parts of the old space and thus this elements are part of an indirect lightsystem of the outside inviroment.