exhibition2001- gailtal


CONCEPTMODELL the site is between Kötschach-Mauthen and Hermagor a 34 by 10km part of a landscape.                                                                                                                               Starting point for this project was a thesis about living and lifeless architecture and the problematic about migration and "out-burning" culture. By  analysing  the  landscape/the site and  discussing  cultur  and  traditions  I developed and designed objects  which  should  be conseived, animated, frequented, filled, occupied, agitated, perceived, ...... by the users. The landscape is the important part of power, the eco- nomie of place gives each object its name and each object has a related architecture but its own function: They are "meetingshops" for visitors and inhabitants, teaching places, experimental buildings    MANIFESTED CENTURES FOR IMMATERIAL /INTELLECTUAL  LOCATINS. 

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