Exhibition01-gailtal is showing a part of the exhibition     "Gailtalvisionen" which was taken place in october 2001 in Kirchbach. There I was presenting my work and ideas       against migration and "outburning" of cultur in gailtal and how art and architecture could be a part of a  counter- movement of this spirit of the age. Project-gailtal was a part of this two-days-exhibition.

STATION 12                 ACTING

This point you may use inside and outside for performances, acting, cinema, .......... It's an 3D object near Hermagor for people who like  to  see  people moving, acting, performing,...  You will also find a bar with terrace, which can also be used as a stag.   The possibility to use this   building also in winter or  sum- mer on days with bad weather opens a  great chance for the tourisme  as  well  as for the inhabitants of this valley.